Dangerous Badmashi Status 2022 | Gangster Shayari 2022 |Badmashi Status Video 2022

Badmashi Status 2022

Haryanvi Badmashi Status in English is very shocking Gangster Khatarnak Badmahi Status in 2022 for you.

Dangerous Badmashi Status 2022

Badmashi Status 2022

Came alone, I will go alone Yes, I have lost one day or the other I will show victory..!!

Only parents raise tantrums. The people of the world just raise their fingers..!!

Love letters are written in the names of other boys, FIR is written in our name..!!

New Badmashi status 2022

Some say right and some say bad, People call us spoiled Nawab..!!

Some people are doing my evil together, You sons are so many and I am alone causing havoc..!!


Only the forest left Remember the lion is still us..!!

Badmashi Status Photo 2022

Badmashi Status english 2022

Don't get mad trying to be smart. Because my hair is also longer than your status..!!

This blood is a bit arrogant, Because we are family members..!!

There is a misunderstanding, son, that is your secret, Come and see who is whose father here..!!

Badmashi Status for Whatsapp 2022

Someone may kill you by deceit, but some brother-in-law, can't kill the eye in the eye..!!
I search like myself, I can't be with anyone..!!
Don't give us these unnecessary threats, son, because lions never scare with dogs..!!

Badmashi Video Status WhatsApp 2022

Badmashi Status for Instagram 2022

I am flowing water, people can change my path, not my destination..!!

Life is your own, so the style of living should also be your own..!!

Principal don't make my mistakes, ignore me, patna ni tere pa my hair too..!!

Badmashi Status for Facebook 2022

After eating chhotu powder, the elephant will become like a lion, but the lion will be alive..!!

If the eagle is flying, then leave the side of the pheasants..!!

Doubt aali baat konya ladle, my chete competition, even today you will get red..!!

My babu is living in this tension, ya ulaad jam rakhi sak albad..!!

Badmashi Shayari Photo 2022

Badmashi Status Sharechat 2022

You have played the game, now be ready for the result..!!

Everyone does the work, you do the exploits..!!

Video Badmashi Status 2022

Badmashi Attitude Status 2022

We are also Nawabs by blowing people's air like smoke,Status shortens like a cigarette..!!

Stay in the song for a while, 
Ma'am Mahatma Gandhi's Asula Pani Jiya Karde,
Please live on the principles of Mam Rupinder Gandhi..!!

Thari sister-in-law has not commented on one side,
But that baron didn't even trick the new bidder,
Brother, your new badmasi but your brother-in-law old sinner..!!

Badmashi Shayari Image 2022

Badmash wali Shayari 2022

As the age grew,
Notoriety is on the rise..!!

This one you are so sweet,
What are you going to do..!!

Koi pyar te bole cold su but tension mh big dirty su..
Rule breaker banda su in apni will te chalya karu..!!

Badmashi Shayari in Hindi 2022

Dangerous Badmashi Status Video 2022

Gangster Khatarnak Badmahi Status 2022

I will die 10 will count one,
If you don't believe me then try it with my finger!!

Listen, there are 5 kings in this world, 4 in cards,
And the fifth one, whose attitude you are falling..!!

Don't insist on listening to my story,Even if I laugh and tell you, you will cry !!

Badmashi Status Haryanavi 2022

Pagli attitude and jewelry is a thing to keep,
You are not shown to anyone on the matter..!!

It is a matter of time, the British who used to call us filthy poor,
Today their girls come to dance in our IPL..!!

Salah, I am restless to go to Yamanagari, but YAMRAJ says,
You are not born to come, you are born to send..!!

Badmashi Status in Hindi 2022

Badmashi video Shayari 2022

Gangster Shayari 2022

Do it in such a way that the world can seeAnd friend, do such a thing that the world burns..!!

Must have heart Otherwise John has chest too..!! (John Cena)

The storms in which people's huts fly away,We dry clothes in those storms.

Girls say that you look very "innocent", But only my EX GIRLFRIEND knows how bastard I am.!!

Badmashi statues image 2022

Badmashi Attitude Status in Hindi 2022

रै छोटू कदै हिस्टरी खोल के देखिए,पहले पेज पै यार ए पावेंगै..!! 
Rai chhotoo kadai histaree khol ke dekhie, pahale pej pai yaar e paavengai..!!


Attitude होने से कुछ नही होता,

Smile‬ ऐसी दो की हर एक लड़की बोल पड़े ”जग घुमिया थारे ? जैसा ना कोई??

Attitudes hone se kuchh nahee hota, smilai‬ aisee do kee har ek ladakee bol pade ”jag ghumiya thaare ? jaisa na koee??

Badmashi Video Status 2022

Dangerous Badmashi Status in 2022

You played the game very well son,
But the guy chose wrong..!!

We are the fathers of Shmano.
That's why the whole city has its own power..!! 

From where your badmashi ends,
From that begins my Nawabi..!!

Those hunters made of Titra de Nal Khed,
O kiwen ki hunt tiger da..!!

Attitude Status Badmashi 2022

The girl said you are mad, I said only for you otherwise,
When others say this, their breath stops..!!

When life gives you another chance,
Never make the mistake of repeating old mistakes..!!

There is neither a car, nor a bullet, nor any weapon,
My heart is in my chest and others are my best friend..!!

Badmashi Video Status Download 2022

Gangster Shayari 2022

don't bend too much
People think they have fallen..!!

We can put any photo,
Now our name goes on..!!

Even if you are your father's angel and the queen of the world,
But 36 like yours revolves in front of me after becoming a maid..!!

The need of the flock is felt by the weak,
A lion like me is enough to create havoc..!!

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